Monday, March 31, 2008

Is it true?


* US dollar will crash
* Gold will soar $1000 per ounce
* Fuel and energy to rise
* Middle East War Escalates With Iran
* World Recession Storm Clouds Gather
* Israel Massacre will be begin if war happened in Iran.
* Volcanic Activity Warning to Japan and Indonesia.

We'll see it.Is it will happened.
But im know that the US will be collapse some day and gold price will soar.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Reason why you should own gold.

Here are the 9 reason why you should own gold

Gold is the perfect commodity.Why?

* Gold is liquid and easily traded, with a narrow spread between the prices to buy and sell (about 1%).
* Gold is money because it is divisible, you can divide it into coins, or re-melt it into bars, without destroying it.
* Gold is easily transportable, because it has a high value for its weight.
* Also, gold is interchangeable. It can be substituted for another piece of gold with no hassle.
* When measured by weight, gold is easily countable, and verifiable.
* Gold is also nearly impossible to counterfeit, as genuine gold is easily recognizable.
* Gold is money because it is a great store of value. It is not subject to decay, rot, or rust.
* Gold has an intrinsic value, because it is rare, highly desired by the world over, and is a luxury item.
* Gold rate always going up.

Better you buy gold save it for the futures.You will need it in the future.Its better save gold than save the money.

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Here are some of the general rules that you should not messing around with:

  • Never ever enter a position when you don't have any clear entry signal from your indicator system.
  • Be patient and never ever predict the next movement of the market without a proper analyzing system.
  • Don't be too greedy and stick to your trading plan (if you have one).
  • Make sure you have a good internet connection.
  • Double check your entry before you finalize it.
  • Stick with a system which you are familiar with.
  • Always lookup for any news related to the currency that you trade.

No matter what system that you are using currently, for me those are some of the important things you have to lookup before open trading position. Even not much and you think some of them are just crap, but believe me, those crappy things will determine either you are a wise trader or just another idiot trader alive.

I''l believe with this rules you can survive in forex and can save your money.

If you follow these rules,i'll believe you will be successful. Another things is be smart by go for the dollar than pips, trust me, bcoz you can make 100 to 300 of pips but it is still useless if the value per pips is only 10 cents.It's better smaller pips with big profit than hundred or thousand pips but small profit.

Monday, March 24, 2008


Forex trading system

Here are the free gift from me to my blog readers.This trading system is very simple and not make my head sick when im doing my trading.

I'm use 3 EMA crossing small movement 1 Bigger Ema for my refference for market bigger moved.

Here are the setting:

--EMA 5 exponential
--EMA 14 exponential
--EMA 28 exponential

and 1 bigger
--EMA 100 exponential

This system can use in timeframe 5min/15min/30min.

Mostly 85% the EMA system will crossing when have a medium or highest news when the market open.

Before half and hour the market news release i will close all my open profit trading.Why?
Because at this range of time the market actif and bedlam it will change the direction if dont have a good news for the main currency.

This system very simple.When the ema crossing up,open post buy,when the ema crossing down open post sell.Then you can do other job and come back sit infront of Pc 1 hour before the news anouncement.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Way to analysis Forex Market

2 types forex analysis

Technical Analysis

Technical analysis focuses on the study of price movements. Historical currency data is used to forecast the direction of future prices. The premise of technical analysis is that all current market information is already reflected in the price of that currency; therefore, studying price action is all that is required to make informed trading decisions. The primary tools of the technical analyst are charts. Charts are used to identify trends and patterns in order to find buying and selling opportunities. The most basic concept of technical analysis is that markets have a tendency to trend, or either increasing or decreasing. Being able to identify trends in their earliest stage of development is the key to technical analysis.

Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis focuses on the economic, social and political forces that drive supply and demand. Fundamental analysts look at various macroeconomic indicators such as economic growth rates, interest rates, inflation, and unemployment. However, there is no single set of beliefs that guide fundamental analysis. There are several theories as to how currencies should be valued.Fundamentals Every Trader Should KnowCurrency prices reflect the balance of supply and demand for currencies. Two primary factors affecting the supply and demand are interest rates and the overall strength of the economy. Economic indicators such as GDP, foreign investment and the trade balance reflect the general health of an economy and are therefore responsible for the underlying shifts in supply and demand for that currency. There is a tremendous amount of data released at regular intervals and some of the data is more important than others. The ones that are looked at more closely are those related to interest rates and international trade.


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Friday, March 21, 2008

Money management

How to manage your capital money in forex market.

Money management is a way traders control their money flow: in or out of pockets... Yes, it's simply the knowledge and skills on managing a personal Forex account.

Mostly 90% of the new forex traders are failed and going into bankruptcy but the other 10% can survive because of the money management how they use their money in the forex market when trading.Mostly for the newbie their going to loss their money in first three month because dont know how to manage their money in forex market.

It is so important.The main idea of the whole trading process is to survive!
Survival first, and only then making money on top.One should clearly understand, that big traders first of all are skillful survivors. In addition, they usually have deep pockets, which means that under unfavorable conditions they are financially able to sustain big losses and continue trading. For the ordinary traders, the majority of us, the skills of surviving become a vital "must know" platform to keep trading accounts alive and, of course, to make good stable profits.

Here are the simple formula how to manage the money.

  • Always use maximum 10% from the capital money.
  • From the 10% divide it 5/10 trading position to minimum the loss risk.
  • Don't break this rule.Survive first.

Forex learning

How to learn forex.

Forex is fast becoming the hottest market for retail traders, and work from home professionals. Many new traders are trying to learn Forex from books, but that is a difficult way to learn. It's OK for the basics, but once you have them down, you are still left standing on your own, in a challenging market. A better way to learn Forex is from a live mentor. A mentor that is willing to trade with you in live market conditions.

The traditional way to learn Forex trading is via textbook. Some people learn very well with this method and can translate the written word into something that works in the real world, though many find this very difficult to do.

The popular method to learn Forex trading is to buy an e-book, course or go to a seminar. All of these options will require you to learn to trade in a theoretical way. What I mean by this is, you will learn techniques, theories and tricks that do work but are still only theory until they are applied in the real market.

Many people simply cannot learn from a book and get confused with information overload. The problem is it's hard to know what technique to apply, in different circumstance. You can literally suffer a problem known as paralysis through analysis

After you have all the theory under your belt, there is no better option than learning from a live trader. A mentor will be able to show you how to read the market, what effect news will have, what times to avoid, and many other hidden factors that are almost impossible to list in one publication. This is a process of learning Forex through osmosis

Trading in a live market, gives you the advantage of real world situations. But trading a live market alone, will probably leave you pretty stressed out. By using the services of a live mentor, you can avoid much of that stress, and more importantly avoid making costly mistakes.

What better way to learn Forex than to have an experienced trader right there with you. This author would have paid thousands of dollars to get that experience at my fingertips.

Trading is a series of what I call "a-ha" experiences. It's not the knowledge that gets you to where you need to be, its only part of the journey. What gets you to where you need to be, is passing each trading milestone, as the lights of understanding go on, you'll be glad you took the trip with somebody who knows the way.