Monday, March 24, 2008


Forex trading system

Here are the free gift from me to my blog readers.This trading system is very simple and not make my head sick when im doing my trading.

I'm use 3 EMA crossing small movement 1 Bigger Ema for my refference for market bigger moved.

Here are the setting:

--EMA 5 exponential
--EMA 14 exponential
--EMA 28 exponential

and 1 bigger
--EMA 100 exponential

This system can use in timeframe 5min/15min/30min.

Mostly 85% the EMA system will crossing when have a medium or highest news when the market open.

Before half and hour the market news release i will close all my open profit trading.Why?
Because at this range of time the market actif and bedlam it will change the direction if dont have a good news for the main currency.

This system very simple.When the ema crossing up,open post buy,when the ema crossing down open post sell.Then you can do other job and come back sit infront of Pc 1 hour before the news anouncement.

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