Tuesday, April 29, 2008

US Dollar consolidates as Federal rate cut.

This week we will see the US Federal Reserve(FOMC) decision cut rate 25bp rate on this wednesday 30 April.The US Dollar will become strong again for this week.For currency pair Euro/USD will become weak and turning slithgly bearish.Euro/JPY will follow Eur/USD same as bearish down trend.So the conclusion for this week is major downtrend for this 2 pair.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Today forex for pair Eur/Jpy falling down.

Yesterday was time for pair Eur/Jpy and Eur/Usd to falling down after part last week crazily going uptrend. Next 2 weeks we will see this 2 pair will going to downtrend because this 2 week the US Dollar will become strong.Eur/Jpy will going up for uptrend after the NFP news announcement.
We will see what will happened to this my most profit and favourite pair Eur/Jpy and Eur/Usd next week.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Oil price new high record.

Today oil price go to new high record close about USD118.54 perbarrel.Supported by concerns about instability in crude supplies from some producers.The Nigeria sabotage news could drastically affect because militants sabotaged a pipeline last week in southern Nigeria, where militancy and lawlessness had grown in recent years.

The orthers thing is about
the dollar fell to a new low against the Euro.The Dollar fell Tuesday after the National Association of Realtors said sales of existing homes fell in March while the median home price declined, raising prospects that the Federal Reserve will cut interest rates further this year to try to shore up the ailing economy. Fed interest rate cuts tend to further weaken the dollar.

The Euro will going up up and away.US Dollar will falling down untill it will crash.Well see it what will happend in the future.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Euro/Usd fail touching 1.6 ?

The E/U pair currency having failed to break that level four times over the past few days, the EURUSD weakened in quiet overnight trade as bears tried to capitalize on lack on momentum and push the pair below the 1.5900 figure.The matter why the Euro fail to touch 1.6 because its come from the economic data,German Producer Prices reached a 15 month high on rising energy costs.

It may be just a matter of time before the euro bursts through 1.60.Today the Euro/Usd fall below 1.58.. .Maybe will drop again and again.

Maybe the Euro/Usd will continue to bursts to touching 1.6 or more in next month.

The gold price rate fall same as Euro/Usd currency tonight.The highest is 952.20 on thursday and now fall below 918/oz.The Euro/Usd now have same move with gold.Down sharply due to euro weakness against the U.S. dollar and lower oil prices.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Tips to profit.

Here are my free tips to my blog readers for pair e/j,u/j,g/j to get profit:

  • Normally this 3 pair move in same direction.
  • Time at 3pm(Malaysia time) all this pair normally will move uptrend.
  • Time at 11pm(Malaysia time) will move uptrend minimum 50 pip.
  • If oil price up This pair J will downtrend,If oil price drop it will going uptrend.
All this tips i have follow up and make some experiment in 3 years and got success profit.

Good luck, may the profit will be with you.

Today waiting for G7

The week has got to an end; no major changes took place in the outlook of most economies, after three economies released their rate decision with two of them not changing their rates, leaving the United Kingdom alone to cut rates with 25 basis point. Where now the attention is headed toward the G7 meeting, with most of the economies especially UK are demanding for some change, were the industrialized economies are asking china to ease up it control to let its currency appreciate against major to take off some of the pressures that are occurring in the markets.

In the early trading session yesterday we saw the shiny metal gathering up some momentum to start heading to the upside, as it was supported by the rising oil prices to an all time high in addition the weakening US dollar; but this did not last long because later in the day after the Mr. Trichet speech in a while the US dollar began gaining once again against the Euro and the Japanese Yen; this reversal movement obligated the bullion to head to downside dropping from the recorded high of $938.50 to close $10 lower at $928.80.

While today, as we just waiting to see what might be the comment in the G7 meeting; the gold ingots continued dropping to record only a high of $928.80 and a low of $920.10 as its trading now around those levels.

The bullion lost the proportional support from the Crude oil, dropping at the early Asian trading session below the $110 per barrel, after the Saudi Authorities announced that supply in the markets are sufficient at the time being which made investors' to ease down their positions, in addition the to increasing signs of a recession in the United States which would curb the consumption of oil as the United States is considered to be the largest oil consumer in the World.

Source from ibtimes

Friday, April 4, 2008

Non Farm Payroll verdict.

Non Farm Payroll fall 80k.

The US economy has now been shedding jobs for three consecutive months, and the unemployment rate has risen to its highest level in two and a half years, the Labor Department said today.

The economy lost 80,000 non-farm payroll jobs in March, compared to the 50,000 job loss economists polled by Thomson's IFR Markets had expected.Today's report marks the first time since June 2003 that the economy lost jobs in three consecutive months, and the 80,000 decline was the biggest loss since March of that year.

Picture above are show the trend chart where the news Non Farm Payroll release.Chart spike going up an down.Forex market going unstable 10 minutes before the news actual data realese.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

March NFP better or worse?

Today is The first week of the month where the NFP-nonfarm payrolls data will realese.When the data realease the market will moved actif and can give spike more than 100 pips
up and down volatility.

Will March Non-Farm Payrolls be Better or Worse than February?

Nearly all of the leading indicators for non-farm payrolls indicate that March was a month of job losses.
However, even though the odds are skewed towards greater job loss, conflicting reports make it important not to rule out the possibility there was less jobs lost in March than there was in February. Either way, the state of the labor market will grow increasingly worse in the coming months even if there is a rebound in March. For traders, if non-farm payrolls are better than -63k, the dollar should rally and rate cut expectations will grow in favor of a 25bp rate cut because everyone will believe that the US labor market has hit a bottom.If it is worse, expect the US dollar to not only resume its slide, but make a run for a new record low in the coming weeks. As usual, also watch for revisions to the February figure because it can easily exacerbate or negate the changes to the current month’s headline number.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Oil price fall as dollar rises.

NEW YORK — Oil futures extended their slide Tuesday as the dollar gained ground, making commodities such as energy futures less attractive to investors seeking a hedge against inflation. But trading was choppy as a debate among investors over oil's direction played out in the marketplace.

Retail gas prices, meanwhile, slipped slightly from the record they set one day earlier.

Investors who previously bought commodities such as oil as a haven against inflation and a falling dollar sold Tuesday as the greenback strengthened against the euro and other currencies. The stronger dollar also made oil more expensive to overseas investors.

Many analysts say oil investors have taken most of their price cues in recent months from gyrations in the dollar.

"The dollar's stronger, and [therefore] oil's weaker," said Brad Samples, an analyst with Summit Energy Services.

source from seatle times