Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lehman Brothers conspiracy liar liar.

Lehman brothers bankruptcy is a big liar liar...command by illuminati to declare fake bankruptcy and emergency liquidation.The biggers people in Lehman Brothers have been command attend meeting with Federal Reserve Bank Timothy F. Gaithner in 13 September 2008 for ready emergency liquidation and fake bankruptcy.And then in 15 September Lehman brothers have been announce bankrupt.Lehman Brothers have been bail out by the congress in 20 September 2008 which the value money USD 700 billion is more USD 61 billion then the Lehman Brothers asset value there have.This value is the bigger bail out value in America history.But Lehman Brothers still cannot cure their company.

This main conspiracy from this conspiracy is to blazing the economy crisis with the Lehman Brothers leading.This situation was create to take the US goverment money to flow and support the jews in Israel to prepare and create the world war 3.

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