Wednesday, August 19, 2009

H1N1(piggy virus sindrome down) antidote...

H1N1 have killing many people in the world...its come from the big boss of disease, it is come from the animal we call it pig.Every piggy virus that have been going in to the human body it will mutation and the new virus was very stronger then the main piggy virus in human body will created...yes it the reality.You all can know when you doing from the science experiment and genetic developement.Pig is the dirty animal in the world.Pig can eat all anything it want even shit...thats why piggy is the mother of virus or disease.

Here i will share the H1N1 antidote..Its very simple metode you can do it in home.All what you need is just Green Apple or Orange or Green Lime.You just blend make it juice drink.Minimum 1 day 7 glass of juice must taken to kill the Influenza A H1N1 virus in the body.For muslim before drink that juice must mention selawat to Rasulullah 3 times and doa to Allah for healthy from H1N1 virus.In three days you can see the result.

Please don't eat pig because pig is dirty animal,and have many virus and worm in pig body.


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